Rent a Clareon IPL Direct from the Manufacturer!

With Full Warranty and No Long Term Commitments.

IPLs are the perfect choice for the practice that wants to offer a full range of cosmetic procedures with a single device. Unlike IPLs, Lasers cannot change wavelengths - so you usually need a different laser for a different target. Not so with the Novalis Clareon IPL. By just changing the hand piece, you now have the equivalent of a whole new laser. With 5 different hand pieces available, the Clareon can do the work of 5 different lasers!

  The Clareon IPL Can Perform All of These Treatments:

The Clareon: Voted
Best Intense Pulsed Light Device

  • Works with All Skin Types - Perform Treatments on Light and Dark Skin
  • Upgradeable technology avoids obsolescence
  • Patented unique Krypton spectral output for superior efficacy & with increased patient comfort and safety*
  • Patented Diffuse Ceramic Light-Guide for homogeneous light output to eliminate hot spots commonly seen using other IPL systems
  • Patented pulse shaping for maximum clinical outcome*

Proudly Offering the Patented Power of Krypton

Superior Results Available ONLY from Novalis Medical

Krypton technology is the proud and patented result of our efforts to continually improve existing standards of IPL treatment technology. The result of this exclusive light source is a far superior procedure result with fewer of the inconvenient side effects traditionally associated with light based technology.*

* Patient results may vary.

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