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Clinical Study: Novalis’ Sophisticated Flashlamp Provides Many Benefits

Source: Aesthetic Buyer’s Guide

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Skin rejuvenation, vascular, acne and hair removal handpieces for the Clareon and Solarus intense pulsed light (IPL) systems from Novalis Medical (Tampa, Fla.) will soon be augmented by a new skin tightening handpiece. All handpieces incorporate patented krypton flashlamp technology to decrease the amount of damaging lower wavelengths, while increasing the wavelengths in the mid-to-high range for deeper penetration.

“Krypton technology is unique to the Novalis system,” said Kathy Anderson, D.O., a dermatologist in private practice in Clearwater, Fla. “By minimizing lower wavelengths, there is much less chance of producing any burning or blistering.” In contrast to antiquated xenon flashlamps found in competing IPL devices, the Clareon and Solarus use high-pressure krypton gas that is mixed with xenon. The quartz envelope is then fused with cerium oxide. “I like the large 5 cm2 spot size and that treatment is fast. The incidence of negative side effects is also very slim.”

Dr. Anderson uses all four interchangeable treatment heads for the Clareon, with skin rejuvenation being the most popular. “Besides the face, I treat a lot of necks and chests. Generally, patients will achieve results in two sessions, sometimes three, spaced three to four weeks apart. Other devices may require a total of five or six sessions.”

For patients without solar lentigines, Dr. Anderson uses the vascular head for skin tightening and pore shrinkage. “We can also attain great improvement in some types of acne scars, crow’s feet and fine lines by just using the vascular head,” she noted. Three to four treatments are normally scheduled about one month apart.

Dr. Anderson does not apply any topical anesthetic when using the Clareon. “Afterwards, though, we may put on some ultrasonic gel that we keep iced. I also will use a topical corticosteroid immediately after treatment to calm down any sensation of heat.” A sunscreen containing zinc oxide is applied as well.

“The Clareon is a workhorse of a machine.We treat patients every day,” Dr. Anderson stated. “The company is also very training oriented. Service is prompt, too. But I have not had breakdowns, nor have I had to cancel patients. The equipment is highly reliable.”

Inda Mowett, M.D., a family physician who practices aesthetics in Bradenton, Fla., also uses the Clareon for skin rejuvenation, hair reduction and vascular conditions. “I have achieved wonderful results. It works very well for removal of sun spots and age spots. You can also see rejuvenation of the skin. Texture is improved. The flashlamp not only removes pigment, but rebuilds the collagen.”

The vascular handpiece “is very good for treating rosacea and facial veins,” Dr. Mowett continued. For rosacea, patients typically require one or two sessions, spaced one month apart. “People with redness on their cheeks and small veins around their nose can expect a 70% to 80% improvement after only one treatment.” For the hair handpiece, male patients usually undergo six to eight sessions, and women four to six sessions, spaced six weeks apart. “Most patients can expect a 15% to 20% reduction in hair count after each treatment,” Dr. Mowett said.

“People with redness on their cheeks and small veins around their nose can expect a 70% to 80% improvement after only one treatment.”

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