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Clinical Study: Novalis’ Flexible Clareon IPL Effectively Treats Laser Damage

Novalis’ Flexible Clareon® IPL Effectively Corrects Laser Damaged Skin


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As more and more patients choose cosmetic laser treatments, the incidence of undesirable side-effects increases as well. Undesirable effects may include hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, eschar, and thermal damage. Corrective options are limited and patients are typically apprehensive about undergoing additional treatments. Patient satisfaction, while always important, is paramount when the patient is legitimately dissatisfied with the clinical outcome of their treatment.

Intense Pulsed Light devices, such as the Clareon™ from Novalis Medical, are excellent choices for treating undesirable side-effects following laser treatment. Novalis utilizes patented Krypton technology, which provides an enhanced wavelength output for optimal chromophore absorption characteristics in melanin and blood, while providing superior depth penetration. Essentially, this allows the practitioner to provide a more effective treatment with less negative side effects, thus increasing patient safety and satisfaction.

The patient pictured came into my office after developing hyperpigmentation, thermal damage and eschar following an unnamed laser treatment to treat ephelides. The patient sought additional treatment to correct the areas when they did not resolve on their own.

The treatment area was first cleansed with alcohol to remove any oils. A thin layer of plume barrier lotion was applied, followed by treatment with the Clareon® SR handpiece. The Clareon® SR handpiece (one of four available handpieces from Novalis) is indicated for pigmented lesion removal and vein removal. It delivers a therapeutic wavelength output of 550-1200nm and has an energy rating of 10-30 j/cm_. The patient completed two Clareon® IPL treatments. The initial treatment used an energy setting of 22 j/cm_,followed by a second treatment four weeks later at 25j/cm_. The patient achieved significant improvement in the hyperpigmented and vascular areas, as well as in the texture of the treatment area. The patient developed no side-effects following the treatments and verbalized a high level of satisfaction with not only the outcome but the treatment process as well.

Intense Pulsed Light treatments have long been the “gold standard” for treating pigmented lesions, and are very successful in treating a variety of complaints from vascular lesions to unwanted hair and acne. Novalis Medical is the first to modify the wavelength output of the antiquated IPL flashlamp with their Krypton technology and lead the way by investigating additional treatment applications, such as the treatment of unwanted side effects following other laser and light-based treatments. Based on their versatility, IPL devices such as the Clareon® are an integral addition to any practice offering cosmetic procedures.

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