Clareon IPL

clareon_iplThe Clareon Pulsed Light System

The Clareon IPL System utilizes detachable hand pieces for various treatment options.

With 5 hand pieces to choose from, the Clareon System can provide treatments for almost every type of skin condition including Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Vein Removal, and Skin Tightening just to mention a few.

This technology also allows you to keep your costs down. If you just want to perform Hair Removal, then all you need is the HR hand piece and no need to purchase the others. The Clareon System allows you to customize the device to your practice needs and also allows you to expand any time you wish with just the addition of a different hand piece.

The Clareon IPL: The Ultimate in Speed & Efficacy

Novalis offers the Clareon IPL to practices that require an increased energy rating for maximizing treatment speed & efficacy. The versatility of the Clareon System enables you to perform a wide range of treatments that would typically require multiple cosmetic lasers. And you’ll never need to worry about obsolescence because the Clareon is specifically designed to grow with your practice and adapt to your changing needs.

The Clareon IPL Device – Available to Rent or Own.

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