Novalis Medical Testimonials

The Clareon IPL Device – Available to Rent or Own.


“I have been using Novalis Medical’s Clareon for over 7 years now. I have used many IPL’s and Lasers and I have found Novalis’ Krypton light source technology provides more comfort and greater efficacy than any other device I have used. The Clareon is also very easy to use. My staff loves it.”

Kathy L. Anderson
Board Certified Dermatologist


“I have owned the Clareon Pulsed light system from Novalis Medical since 2006. It has been an integral part of the skin rejuvenation treatments I offer to my clients. The aesthetic results with each one of the hand pieces – from hair & vascular lesion removal to skin tightening – are great. My clients have been very satisfied with the results.

Their staff is very experienced, dedicated and professional. Most importantly, the customer service & technical support are excellent. Great value!”

Dr. Inda Mowett


“I love the results that the Clareon allows me to give to my clients. The request we hear most frequently from our new patients is to clarify their skin. The Clareon gives us the ability to reduce redness and brown spots due to sun damage leaving our clients with the more vibrant, youthful looking skin they desire.”

Tina Zillmann
Aesthetician, CLHRP
V.P /National Educator/Director
Aesthetics International Association President
Certified Laser Professional & Laser Safety Officer, State of Texas


“I have had the pleasure to use the Novalis Clareon IPL for countless patients in our practice. The Clareon is my preferred choice of an IPL unit. The Clareon is consistent, reliable and effective. The customer service is unsurpassed. I highly recommend the Novalis Clareon IPL for ensured patient satisfaction.”

Lori Oswald
Clevens Center for Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Melbourne FL


“I have used other well known brand name IPL’s in the industry, and I have to say that the treatment results, customer service, ease of use, and safety of Novalis’ Clareon IPL is Paramount.

Novalis’ Krypton Technology has increased our patient satisfaction by 30-40% and I really see the rejuvenation and the skins “plumpness” which is much more evident than with other IPL’s I have used. When it comes to an IPL, I wouldn’t use anything else.”

Desirée Watton
Hawthorne Clinic & Research Center, Sarasota FL

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