Hand Pieces

Novalis IPL Hand Pieces

The Novalis family of specialized hand pieces includes multiple designs to accommodate the individual needs of your practice. Each is intended for particular applications and are easily interchangeable, even during a procedure. Hand pieces offer a large spot size and are fast to change between – providing easy, quick and effective treatments for your patients.

The Clareon IPL Device – Available to Rent or Own.


SR – Skin Rejuvenation

A fast, versatile hand piece designed for pigmented lesion removal, skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction.
Wavelength: 550-1200nm, Fluence 10-30 j/cm2

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AR – Acne Reduction

Quick and effective treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne. Wavelength: 4200-1200nm, Fluence 5-15 j/cm2

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VR – Vascular Removal

Unique, high-power hand piece with multiple filter technology for extremely effective treatment of rosacea, vascular lesion removal and angioma removal.
Wavelength: 500-610, 740-1200nm, Fluence 5-35 j/cm2

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HR – Hair Removal

Designed especially for fast and effective hair removal on all skin types – both light skin hair removal and dark skin hair removal.
Wavelength: 630-1200nm, Fluence 20-45 j/cm2

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ST – Skin Tightening

Designed for deep dermal skin tightening on all skin types. A unique, patented hand piece designed to create heat-induced collagen shrinkage, skin tightening and texture smoothing. Wavelength: 750-1150nm, Fluence 5-30 j/cm2

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